Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fallen Angel

Our home represents years of collecting and placing the ornate and unusual. Our furniture and vignettes have become individual shines and altars. We gather objects imbued with mystical powers … masks, reliquaries, statues & regalia. We feel the sentience found in portraits, mirrors & vessels…As reclaimers of the lost and cast off, we strive to create a grandeur slightly faded, that becomes ethereal and otherworldly. We enjoy living amongst an ever changing backdrop of decadent opulence…

We look forward to sharing our upcoming adventures with you. Will you join us on this journey?

This ornate drapery began as a single mask that we designed several years ago. The mask is our interpretation of Lucifer before the fall, a beautiful warrior prince with wings of gold and horns of bronze.
This “masked valance” is one of several in our home. They have become protectors and sentient guardians, much like the revered household gods of ancient times.
“Blackhearted angels fallen from grace
Possessed by the search for utter darkness”
(Mourning Palace by Dimmu Borgir)

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