Friday, June 27, 2008

Forbidden Fruit

As collectors, we gravitate to divergent objects that when placed together start to tell a story. This particular story began, as many good faerie tales do, with a single golden apple…
A cluster of forbidden fruit has created a tabletop “garden of earthly delights”. Black serpent guardians entwine among gilded pears and alabaster grapes. A collection of antique Indian saris creates the landscape of this mysterious “Eden Shrine”.
Tell us, would you have bitten the apple?

The “Skeleton Key Box” is a sinister “memento mori” encased in glass…

1 comment:

jasonwclark said...

Absolutely. And I have also completely fallen for Chintz of Darkness!

That was playing in my head, along with thoughts of Zdzislaw and Grünewald, from the first moment I arrived. Everything worth loving - and draping in cloths of black and red. S+S have the mesmerists’ gift for celebrating the grotesque and fantastic - I dig it all!

Best burnt offerings to the both of you, and many thanks for promoting such a gloriously infernal aesthetic.

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