Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shroud Room at Dusk

The Shroud Room (which in another life may have been a parlor or sunroom) has become a sanctuary for many of our decorative objects. Moroccan tables and gilded trays nest among a rich layer of floor cushions and Turkish carpets.

A set of oval plaques (one mysteriously draped in black) accentuates a pair of blood red Victorian portieres. This vignette, reminiscent of Countess Bathory, the infamous 16th century killer, forms a passageway to the rooms beyond…

All day long the virgins sit and feast on endless meals
The Countess laughs and sips her wine – her skin doth crack and peel
But when nighttime fills the air one must pay the price
The Countess takes her midnight bath with blood that once gave life.

(“Countess Bathory” by Venom)

Amid a lush indoor garden sits the Chariot of Apollyon. This chair, a family heirloom, holds memories both joyous and sad. Adorned in finery, the seat is fit for a Pagan king or Faerie lord or perhaps Abaddon himself.

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