Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back in Black

A tattoo such as this is a sensual thing, truly organic and alive. Although only skin deep it has delved much deeper into our lives. Seraph has become a beautiful living canvas. His body transformed and reborn, a celebration of the pagan in all of us

Some might see only darkness in this artwork and ask how can you perceive beauty in such a morbid vision? But, as Albert Camus stated “There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night.”

I admit that I am quite enthralled with this tattoo. I have memorized every nuance, yet still see something new every day. Tell me, dear readers, does it intrigue you, too?

Seraph’s full back tattoo has become a true artistic ritual. Inspired by the magnificent European ossuaries and crypts, it has become a tribute to Odin the All Father, and the pantheon of Nordic Gods. The tattoo was created at the hands of expert tattoo artist John Fitzgerald of Slave to the Needle in Seattle and has taken nearly a year to complete.

“Eyes of the dead
Watching from their living walls
Broken glass reflections
Show your flesh eaten away
Beyond the gates I'll take you
Where the blood forever rains”
(Spirit in Black by Slayer)
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