Monday, July 28, 2008

Cradle to the Grave (Our Favorite Resting Places)

A bedchamber should evoke a mood of grandeur and decadent opulence. A fitting backdrop for all of the intimacies experienced there. The bed is a place of birth and of death, of love and life in all its glories. A place where we not only sleep, but heal and refresh both body and soul.
One must create a worthy backdrop for dreams and slumber to truly flourish. In our experience canopies, cushions and quilts of gold lead to the sweetest of dreams…

We are looking forward to completing our own bedroom this fall. A collection of vintage and antique textiles will be used throughout the room. A color way of burnt orange, plum and cinnabar infused with black, black and more black. This palette brings to mind spicy Marrakesh…Marrakesh in hell that is.

We have begun work on an elaborate cornice and drapery for behind the bed. A beautiful set of Victorian draperies in terra cotta, black and gold have waited patiently for months (years?) for just this project. The cornice will be one of our original fabrications. It will be encrusted with antique metal tassels, bits of chain mail and hand printed silk medallions. And of course, at center point an ornate goat head mask upon a gilded pelmet (in the ever popular Vlad the Impaler meets The Arabian Nights style….)

These gloomy and brooding bedrooms by Scottish painter James Pryde have always been a favorite inspiration. As overscale and elaborate as a theatrical stage set, they suggest both intrigue and apprehension.

Let us not forget the eternal (infernal?) sleep, dear reader. Until next time, we bid you good night and sweet dreams.

Well I know it's hard for you
To know the reason why
And I know you’ll understand
More when it’s your turn to die
Don’t believe the life you have
Will be the only one
You have to let your body sleep
To let your soul live on.

(“A National Acrobat” by Black Sabbath)


Fairwood Haven said...

The French Daybed with the Cornice that is Dripping with Chinoiserie-Styled Tassels is Asolutely to Die for-!

Your Taste is Extroidinary and an Inspiration-! Thanks for the Most Divinely Atmospheric and Intelligent of Weblogs-!!

Mourning Market said...

Thank you for your great BLOG. It is exactly the esthetic that I love and encorporate in my home. Pleased to have found you.

Mourning Market Organizer

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