Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Secret Garden

We seem to spend more time gardening indoors then outdoors. This might have something to do with having no yard whatsoever, trespassing laws and general fear of daylight (all kidding aside, getting caught “gardening” in your neighbor’s yard is not a good thing…)

Plants of the domesticated variety grow on Victorian settees, atop piles of cushion and cascade from every shelf and cabinet top. Our parlor is beginning to resemble some eccentric lord’s whimsical topiary garden. Sometimes we get the overwhelming urge to sculpt our jade plants into mythical beasts of some kind. (Griffins perhaps?)

Odd bits of jewelry, fossils, and antique “hatpin headstones” decorate our collection of pots and planters. A baroque cemetery in miniature…

On the practical side of things we have found that dracaenas and Chinese evergreens make lovely companions, while orchids and begonias only live to break your heart.

"Born into a field of flowers, to slowly wilt away
Sheltered by wings, delicately smothered by blindness"

(“Angstridden” by Satyricon)


fabio said...

very beautiful secret gardens. i'd like to know them...

romany soup said...

I cannot believe how fortunate i am to stumble upon your deliciously, delectable page! Dripping with every concievable gorgeousness one can imagine! I will haunt you forever!

Seraph + Splendor said...

Thank you so much - glad you found us...haunt as often as you like!!!

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