Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Paint it Black

As believers in the concepts of reincarnation and the collective unconscious Symbolist Art has always been a great inspiration. Paintings full of half remembered vistas, landscapes seeped in mystery and beings fantastic and otherworldly bring to mind the powerful memories buried within our subconscious minds.

(Sin 1893)

(Inferno 1908)
Franz von Stuck (1863 – 1928) has always been a particular favorite. Perhaps it is the dark sensuality portrayed in is work that attracts us. Or maybe it is the forbidding glow of infernal hellfire that accompanies many of his painting that stirs our souls. In either case a true sublime decadence is represented.

Villa Stuck (the artist’s home in Munich) is both a shrine and an altar to his luscious and depraved visions. The villa’s interior is rendered in an intoxicating mix of blues, greens, reds and golds…

The Music Room, complete with a stunning blue and gold astrological ceiling mural.

A glittering Reception Room encrusted with marble, mirrors and mosaics. In the foreground a lovely chaise designed by the artist.

(The Wild Chase 1889)
Forth after dark…a time I do know
In my kingdom…I enter to my own world
Open the gate…of a mountain of dark
Rising with the shadow…a dark world made for me

(“In My Kingdom Cold” by Immortal)
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