Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Book Worship Volume II

Fashion: From Ancient Egypt to the Present Day by Mila Contini

To say this book has been well loved would be an understatement. It is in fact rather tattered (one might even say disheveled in less polite company). It has been in Splendor’s life since she was a cherub and is one of a handful (armful?) of books like encouraged her love of fabrics and design.

This book spans the history of fashionable clothing from ancient times to the “modern” high fashion of the 1960’s. The most fascinating eras are of course the sixteenth and seventeen centuries. These chapters are a great inspiration as they are full of rather sinister looking royalty and aristocrats. Evil hats, wicked parasols and gloves that only an alien’s hands would fit are a delight to anyone with a closet full of questionably tasteful clothing.

Other highlights include the always beautiful Napoleonic period and of course the Victorians with their crinolines, corsets and high buttoned boots. This is a lovely vintage book that would be a great addition to one’s library.

Fashion: From Ancient Egypt to the Present Day by Mila Contini
©The Odyssey Press 1965
In the distance I saw a woman
Dressed in black with eyes of grey
She wore her pain like a shackled spirit
Eternal life was her debt to pay

(“The Lady Wore Black” by Queensryche)


Fairwood Haven said...

THANK YOU-! I have always Loved that book as well-!!

Lecon de vetement said...

I would die if I ever came to loose this book!!!

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