Monday, September 8, 2008

Head in the Clouds

If we were to add an 11th rule to the ‘Top Ten Rules to Living in Sin’ it might be to never go camping. Perhaps we have finally become too urbane, but the concept of sleeping in the woods under what amounts to a tablecloth has never appealed to us. Not to mention going without life’s little essentials like gilded mirrors, crystal goblets and FLOORS, CEILINGS & WALLS!

Now a tree house is an entirely different concept. A well designed tree house can be whimsical, rustic and elegant all at the same time. Full of pagan sensibilities, these dwellings are a blending of nature and habitation with neither destroyed in the process.
We fell in love with this splendid creation the moment we saw it featured in Peter Nelson’s book ‘Treehouses of The World’. Looking as if conjured from the pages of a fairy tale book, it is our hope that it houses a wicked witch, evil hermit or a pack of demented elves.
What kind of ethereal furnishing would finish a room such as this? Ideas anyone?

A staircase fit for the nimblest of feet…

If you are not yet convinced to venture too far outdoors, then why not bring the nature to you. This sublime room was designed the great Renzo Mongiardino. The room brings to mind dining in a forest clearing, complete with a 18th century Venetian glass chandelier, stenciled Persian carpet and red velvet upholstered dining chairs.

May this night carry my will
and may these old mountains
forever remember this night.
May the forest whisper my name
and may the storm bring these words
to the end of all worlds.

(“Alsvartr (The Oath)” by Emperor)


Fairwood Haven said...

Your Rustic Tree House, I agree is Perfect for Enchanted Beings - A Real-life Setting for the Most Imaginative Fairy Tale-!

I would decorate it with Antique, Weathered Found Objects with lots of Patina - Earthy Colors - Old Tapestries and lots of Old Unusual Mirrors-!

I would bring in Fresh and Dried Flowers and Weeds - Lots of Free-flowing Old Lace - and Gossimer-like Material to use as Curtains for the Windows, and over Sofas and Beds-!

This Tree House and the others in the Post - put me in mind of a Tree House that "Casimo" might have built for his Marchesa Viola-!!
("Baron in Trees" By Italo Calvino)

ofas, and Beds-!


Hello, hello.
I wanted to see if you have ever been over to The Hermitage. This post reminds me so much of her and her lifestyle. Check it out at and see what you think! Great post.
Lisa & Alfie

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