Saturday, September 27, 2008

Playing Dress Up

As Halloween draws near, we are beginning to search for some interesting costume ideas. Since witches, vampires and demons seem to lurk around the studio on a daily basis, something a little more unusual is required. We rather like this 17th century notion of dressing up as your profession. The illustration above portrays us quite well. Always lots of scissors, fabrics and templates around here, although we refrain from balancing our tool chests on our heads (on most days at least…) Not to mention that every good sewing kit should include band aids, duck tape and shot glasses. We find the clockmaker costume quite charming, but the butcher / serial killer outfit is downright creepy (is that a human foot hanging from his table or what???) Would your profession make a good costume, dear readers? Let us know…
Playing card characters also provide an amusing theme. This costume allows you to fulfill your heart’s desire to be a king or queen for a day (or for the less ambitious, a nave or even a joker.) Here is the Queen of Hearts and her friend the Tramp of Clubs (now we all know one of those…in fact that reminds us of a friend in San Francisco that depicted the song ‘Nights in White Satin’ wearing nothing but a knight’s helm and a pair of white satin pajama bottoms that he bought at Victoria’s Secret, but that’s a story for another day…)
These illustrations by Leon Bakst help to explore the notion of dressing up as your pet (although we are sure that is not what he intended.) In fact even Splendor dressed like her white bunny Flopsy for one Halloween (and no, you CANNOT see the pictures.) Seraph never dressed up like his little dog Cupie, but instead got to light his GI Joes on fire with turpentine (which goes to prove boys have all the fun.) As for puss in boots, let’s not even go there. Our dearly deceased cat Kitche would scoff at the notion that a cat should wear gloves and sword belt, thinking it far too pretentious (but then again, she had no problem sleeping on $300 a yard velvet whenever we weren’t looking… what a beast, we sure miss her.)
Forget the pumpkins, why not try something more challenging such as peas, carrots or cabbage? These lovely illustrations are by Errol LeCain from the book ‘The Cabbage Princess’.

Now I see you clear, we raise our glasses
Welcome to my house princess of Hell
Even in the night I see the light shining bright
I'm alone with my friends

(“Welcome Princess of Hell” by Mercyful Fate)


Fairwood Haven said...

Great Post - You had me laughing out loud again-!
I liked those Veggie Ladies-!
As an Artist who paints a lot of Flowers - I think a costume as a Flower in a Vase from one of my Painting would work - and I could wear a Butterfly Mask-!

Hell Commander said...

Horns High to Seraph and Splendor!! With the witching hour upon us playing dress up is what it's all about! My cape is drenched in blood and my claws are sharp like razors with wings of black!!!Infernal Hails!!
Hell Commander

David Nicholas said...

Great stuff !
You have given me a good chuckle.

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