Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Now that it is officially Fall and all the better elements of our garden are dead and gone, it seemed like the perfect time for a post about gardening. (NOTE: we do not actually have a “garden” because we do not actually have a “yard”. Think more in terms of an eccentric jumble of ceramic pots, antique wrought iron trellises, a birdcage and some odd statuary piled onto our apartment terrace. It is in fact a vast improvement over our last “garden” that consisted of a patch of sidewalk between a restaurant and a bar. So at least we are going in the right direction…)

Perhaps we do not appear the types, but we have always tried our hand at gardening. Both of our families contain more than a fair share of successful gardeners, so while we might not be truly green thumbs we try our best. There is a particularly highfalutin nursery here in town that will remain nameless (*cough*Swanson’s*cough*) that is a favorite, no make that an entertaining place to shop (and they actually DO have a fabulous selection of everything related to gardening.) The last time we were there the salespeople tended to follow us around. Perhaps it was the tendrils of Seraph’s tattoos blending with the armload of Creeping Jenny that he was carrying or possibly it was just the evil and vicious plants that we selected that made them jumpy. But it is not as if we were planning a daring getaway with a BRIGHT RED RADIO FLYER WAGON full of shrubs. We swear to you, dear readers, we really are not the trouble makers people make us out be…
Our fantasy garden would be a blending of the indoors and outdoors into a series of decrepit and decaying roomscapes. We envision ornate graveyard of chairs, benches and plant stands slowing being reclaimed by nature, faeries and wildlife. Crystal chandeliers and jeweled sconces would spring from tree branches, while wrought iron room screens would form hidden parlors and pantries. A tile mosaic of stepping stones and plants would create elaborate Persian carpets and garden pathways. Stained glass windows would look upon unknown vistas while a gilded mirror would reflect nothing but sky…

Among the old trees,
As the dust covers every flower in bloom,
The mourners hide their eyes,
To reap the seeds and harvest.

Withering flowers of the northern autumn,
Shall never thrive again.
The time has ceased,
Now my dreams are true....

(“When Thousand Moon Have Circled” by Carpathian Forest)

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Fairwood Haven said...

Great Ideas for a more Creative Garden-! Love that White Rabbit and the Vintage Typewriter with resident plants-!

Also, Thanks for new Gardening Book Titles-!

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Love that mantel and typewriter outdoorscape. Just hauntingly beautiful like Miss Havishams abandoned outdoor wedding. Were they out of any of the 3 books you recommended?
And shame on them for jumping to conclusions. The Red Flyer wagon should have clued them in that you were just kids at heart!
Lisa & Alfie
Sorry, had to correct a misspelling!

Seraph + Splendor said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. The mantel and typewriter are from "Ornament in the Small Garden". We love those pictures, too, and it is a really cool book. It is kind of funny though, being a city dweller some of the gardens featured look HUGE!

window installation said...

i am very impressed by the art and photography done in this post... keep it up

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Seraph + Splendor said...

Thanks for the kind words - perhaps it is time for a new garden post!

fabio said...

hey you got a fan from far, brazil. my name's fábio and i am delighted with your work and blog...

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