Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gilding the Willy

The concept of a gilded man holding up a glorious china cabinet greatly appeals to us here at Chintz of Darkness and it is something we feel we could work into our interior. Baroque furniture is quite out of our budget, but gold body paint is NOT… (Don’t you just love those weekend DIY projects…)

Architect Design’s recent post about a visit to the Cooper- Hewitt Museum sent us on another of our frenzies searches through bookcases and file boxes. The ensuing results are some wicked and sublime Baroque objects from the museum’s collections.


A commode that demands to be the center of attention. (One of a pair (!!!) made by Andre-Charles Boulle for the bedchamber of Louis XIV.)

This harpsichord is to die for! How can anything so lovely exist in the world? (The pastoral scene painted on the lid is attributed to the Italian painter Crescenzio Onofri.)

Roaming through the mists of gold
Feeding with the ancient ones
Teaching kills and holy wars
Drinking black forgotten blood

(Seraph’s Baroque Incantations)


Cote de Texas said...

whoa! your blog really IS the chintz of darkness! very original - and very beautiful. ok - i'm going to keep on reading.

Seraph + Splendor said...

Thanks so much for your kind words, we really do appreciate it!!!

Seraph + Splendor

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