Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Book Worship Volume IV

Erte by Jean Tibbetts

Much inspired by The House of Beauty and Culture's recent post Romain de Tirtoff, we set out on a mission to locate our favorite Etre book. Our book collection tends to be a bit nomadic. Entire tribes of books form caravans and move from room to room. Along the way they set up encampments under the sofa, on the nightstand and behind the bed. Needless to say, it can be hard to locate a particular book at any given moment.

Now the book in question was finally found (in of all places) upon the BOOKSHELF! (Although it was behind a bronze shield, some Victorian prints and a slipper chair clad in black velvet.)

Erte with one of his costumes designed for the MGM movie Paris (released in 1929)(Left) and
Carmel Myers in a costume that Etre designed for the movie Ben Hur. (Right)

We have enjoyed spending the last few hours immersed in Erte’s lovely and sublime illustrations and highly recommend this book to followers of his work. The book cover in itself is quite appealing. It features a gilded angel playing a human harp with stands of pearls for strings (oh, if life could only be so wicked…) This only begins the book’s exploration of Etre’s genius. Included are many of his fashion, advertising and stage designs. He has had a profound influence upon us personally as artists and designers. His use of color, texture and embellishment combined with his stunning sense of composition is always an inspiration. Above all, we admire the way he always brought a jubilance and grandeur to all his work.

Etre by Jean Tibbetts
© 1995 Saturn Books Limited London
ISBN 1 85627 9170

A serenade made out of black magic
She has learned to set souls afire
And makes sure that you never
Will leave its trance
Her diabolical beauty
Enchants your bewildered mind

(A Succubus in Rapture by Dimmu Borgir)


Pigtown-Design said...

WOW! My books do that too! They also tend to hide under my bed.

Fairwood Haven said...

That Cover-! How Imaginative-!
A Master - without Question-!
Another book for my "Must Have List"-!


Books really do have a life of their own the way they travel on their own! Have been a longtime fan of Erte. Just classic!
Lisa & Alfie

Seraph + Splendor said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! It's great to hear from fellow book lovers - what would life be without them?

Be the change..... said...

My books end up everywhere as well! I love Erte, didn't realize he had done costumes for any movies! I will definitely have to see that!

pve design said...

Erte is Sacred in my book too.
Lovely post, first time here via Architect Design, shall come again.

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