Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gilding The Willy Part II

After spending the better part of the afternoon on a particularly nasty piece of business (which accomplished nothing more than a mild migraine and a dizzy spell) we were able spend a few moments rummaging around our library (by “library” we mean the big oak bookcase in the corner of the studio. If we actually had a ROOM ENTIRELY FULL OF BOOKS nothing would ever get done around here.)

The result of our search was finding the sofa of our dreams. We aren’t sure where he / it has been all our lives or how we have developed such an attraction to such oddities. I guess that is why we call our blog Chintz of Darkness and not Seraph + Splendor’s Musing on a Well Adjusted Life…
Again enjoy…

No star will shine tonight.
No star, no matter how bright.
Across the firmament goes its flight.
A great darkness devouring the light.
(“Stellarvore” by Watain)

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