Thursday, April 23, 2009

Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth…

It can be stated with full certainty that Seraph + Splendor have embarked (quite some time ago) on a path less chosen. When we were mere cherubs (dented halos and wings askew) our parents were fond of referring to “the phase” that we would inevitably “grow out of”. (HA!) In our humble opinion things have turned out well indeed for a pair of miscreants such as us. We are (somewhat) well adjusted, law abiding (really, don’t laugh) members of society. Pillars of the community, in fact. (If you consider the community the large flock of crows that live in our neighborhood, as well as the army of spiders that reside under our bed. And of course the ghosts…)

The Light Bearer (Infernal Stag)
24” h x 16” w x 12” d
© Seraph + Splendor 2009

Like any other fine community leaders we spend our afternoons collecting body parts (hearts and hands are our favorites) and keep a jar of human skulls in several sizes and colors. Now before you, dear readers, get overexcited, we are of course speaking of our materials for our current series of sculptures and needless to say (…?...) the hearts, hands and skulls are miniature in scale and made entirely of metal, wood or ceramic composite. There is at this point no need to mention the several boxes of bones we have recently received in the mail … or the fact that we are in the process of making a helm inspired by a certain nefarious winged deity.

Recently we have completed the first of a series of pieces that will be incorporated into Seraph’s Blood Etching project. The Light Bearer is a ritual sculpture and performance object in the semblance of an infernal stag. Reborn into a skin of death and armored in shrouds of blasphemy. Shards of firmament shattered and impaled upon hoof and bone. Adorned with a crown of living fire, the guardian of the Altar of Sound awakens…

This image (above) was taken by Seraph the night before we began creating this sculpture. The stag is pictured in an unadorned state and wears only a small brass crown at the base of his horns. The image has not been retouched or enhanced and the energy captured should speak for itself…

One of the final elements to be placed was a bronze candelabra entwined among the stag’s horns. The candelabra is fully functional and when lit forms a trident of illumination. The radiance of infernal grandeur will light the path which lies ahead…

Beloved Prince (The Charge)
In progress
© Seraph + Splendor 2009

The next object currently being conjured is a helm representing the Fallen. A rising to arms, full charge. Beloved Prince. The Morningstar rendered in a jagged ray of light, seeped in gems and jewels of kings. Chains unbound, victorious again…

The enigmatic Seraph himself holding a Crown of Bone and Wing…and Splendor among the horns. To the Death and Far Beyond!

I am Black Blood
I am the veins of your Earth
Black Bones rise
The Star’s in my eye

(“Lucifer Victorious” by Blood Etching)

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Fairwood Haven said...

Extraordinary Work-! Rare-!
Exquisite Palette-!
I'm Intrigued.

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