Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Purple Haze

As mentioned previously, Splendor must periodically get her head scalded…er, “foiled” to maintain a proper (or rather improper appearance.) Passing the time while the NOXIOUS CHEMICALS do their thing usually involves reading some creepy magazine that would otherwise be avoided like the plague. Damn, bad choice of words…perhaps avoided like (fill in the blank, dear ones).
There are the token hipster magazines filled with people we have never heard of, doing things that we would never do. And of course the predictably disturbing Cosmo - “How to Improve Your Bikini Line with a Blow Torch and A Can of Oven Cleaner” (we swear that was the title of the article…or at least it should have been.) And last but not least an assortment of “Style” magazines (we use the word style loosely – didn’t Sunset magazine cease publication around 1943?)
Now while reading one of these lovely publications we ran across an article about a web based design service that will remain nameless (maybe it rhymes with roost, maybe it doesn’t.) The site is apparently the devil spawn of team of evil computer geniuses and an interior designer / accomplice. It promises to help you define your personal style and then suggest items for you to purchase. This is all achieved by a simple pictorial quiz…sounds fun? We thought not…
Well the quiz turns out to be onslaught of dreadful rooms that one must rate love it, hate it or somewhere in between. Now the opinion of a leather sofa in the color of mildewing grout is NOT a multiple choice question. And rooms featuring fuzzy white areas rugs with upholstery reminiscent of natty bath robes can bring to mind only one answer. Suppose it goes without saying, “HATE IT!!!” was marked on every image except a somewhat benign chest and a room featuring some wicked pitchfork wall art.

When it was time for the survey results, we rather expected our personal style to be coined as “URBAN BOHEMIAN BLACK METAL”, but surprise, surprise! It seems we are 50% Traditional Asian and 50% Hollywood Glamour and were then prompted to buy a crappy 40’s inspired lamp and a tansu. Now this whole experience got us thinking 1) that it is time for a cocktail and 2) that luscious shades of purple, violet and mulberry look lovely when placed throughout an interior. Whether used as a dramatic wall color (think gorgeous auborgine) or as unusual upholstery (amethyst, perhaps?) this color will not only command attention, but will scare away your timid neighbors. Here are some of our favorite rooms gathered for your enjoyment. ENEMIES OF BEIGE UNITE!

And as all lights turn'd on were
And the first act is begun...
...and the last my mouth I open'd
I, purple sage in the universal
And I speak in tongue unknown
And behold all stood in flames

(The Universe Illumination by Behemoth)


Petra Voegtle said...

Hi you both!
There is only one word for the photos: magical!!!
If I had the chance I would absolutely use that colour purple everywhere but then I don#t onw the environment that would be necessary - maybe in another life?!?

PS. you make my inspirational fluids go boiling!!

Petra Voegtle said...

I apologize for the typos - was just too quick pressing the button - this is normally not my style - LOL!

Seraph + Splendor said...

Hi Petra,

Thanks for the kind words!!! We really appreciate them - we know that you have you have a great eye for color!


Our keyboard buttons are in a state of rebellion as well...must be something in the air!

Dirgesinger said...

O my, I am purchasing a new home and my original plan was to paint my room some kind of reddish... now, seeing these absolutely awesome photos I am changing the color to purple:)

Thanks for the great idea:)

Seraph + Splendor said...

That is so great to hear – we hope your room turns out truly wicked & sublime!

Let us know what shade of lovely purple you choose!


{Maison Clasique} J Steinberg said...

Hey guys!

It's so funny that you write of the unmentionable site! I, too, visited that site and was...shall I say, misdiagnosed.

I really hope people don't waste money on "design services" that are so impersonal. May as well pay an "in real life" designer who's aesthetics are in line with theirs for a jam-packed hour of info...rather than cookie-cutter info that may or may not pertain to them.

Thanks for spreading awareness!

Seraph + Splendor said...

Hi Janelle,

We could not agree more!!! Consulting a professional is the best way to achieve results. If that is not an option, we wish people would follow their hearts, not a gimmicky website!!!


Fairwood Haven said...

That Passementerie is to die for-!
Also love the Decorative Clocks and Breathtaking Antique Oval Room.

Great idea to use different shades of Purple throughout a home as a Decorative Theme-!
I found that painting a Living Room/Studio a light shade of Purple to be a Great Background for Art-!


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Seraph + Splendor said...

Great to hear from you! Thanks so much for the link. Truly luscious...

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