Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Book Worship Volume VIII

Divinely Decadent by Stephen Calloway

Now here at Chintz of Darkness we regard Stephen Calloway as nothing short of genius. He is our Household God of D├ęcor and of course the Patron Saint of All Things Decadent. While nothing can quite compare to the unparalleled book Baroque, Baroque: The Culture of Excess, Divinely Decadent is a lovely continuation into the lavish, eccentric and ethereal world of High Design. The book is a joyous romp though the Seven Deadly Sins all gloriously acted out though the art of interior design and decoration. The sins in question are of course pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth (for anyone out there that has lost their list) and we will now take a moment to explore some of our favorites…

WRATH is certainly a sin worthy of any interior or collection. Decadent design must include a bit of the exquisitely morbid and sinister. The display of horns, skulls and taxidermy is adequate starting point, but there are more ways as well. Many strange things occupy our walls and cabinets and the colors burgundy and onyx run though our residence much like the Tigris and Euphrates ran though ancient Persia.

While some might find our collections menacing our goat head masks clad in silver armor have never really bitten anyone and the masks weeping jeweled tears are surely ones of joy. And just because all of the furniture is drenched in black doesn’t make it bad natured…

LUST, GREED and ENVY seem to go hand and hand when it comes designing and collecting. Who among us does not have something that they compulsively collect? We have all seen our rivals at thrift stores and flea markets scurrying around trying to find the buried treasure before anyone else or at antique stores jealously guarding their newest acquisition lest someone whisks it away. Collections are meant to be lovingly amassed, displayed and worshiped…what is the sin in that, we ask you?

We think perhaps that the sin know as SLOTH should be replaced with the color BEIGE. Beige is the most base and vile substance known to man. We promise you, if you willing have more than three beige things in your home YOU ARE GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL!!! And we do not mean the “cool” Hell (no pun intended…) where Chintz of Darkness resides, but the Hell were SATAN turns out to be MILEY CYRUS and the entire Underworld looks like a gigantic DANCING WITH THE STARS set…and yes, we need not remind you that sequin uniforms will be required…It just is not worth the price, dear ones.
Now tell us, what is your deadliest sin?

Divinely Decadent
By Stephen Calloway / Photographs by Deidi von Schaewen
© 2001Ocypus Publishing group London

In decadent darkness I grew black wings
Wings of Destruction, a sign of devastation

(“Mankind Murder” by Urgehal)


Fairwood Haven said...

Love that Dining Tablescape with the Witches Hats-! And the French Bed-!

Seraph + Splendor said...

This is truly a wicked and fabulous book!


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