Thursday, June 25, 2009

Seeing Red

One might ask whatever has become of Seraph + Splendor over the last several weeks…have they finally dropped off of the face of the earth or perhaps have become ensnared in the usual summer activities ever so popular this time of year. While summer vacations are a luxury we cannot spare the time for, weddings and graduations are just not our style…

The one UNAVOIDABLE event on the horizon this summer is an upcoming family reunion. We will no doubt be poked and prodded like a disheveled yet strangely elegant pair of unicorns or scrutinized like ambassadors of an alien race. Our only hope is to “accidently” exposed Seraph’s full back tattoo in the buffet line or bring along a “guest” wearing nothing but a leash and a pair of bat wings. (Did we mention that our families think us to be a bit strange?)

As to our whereabouts recently, let us just say that it became abundantly necessary that we prepare a guest room (and no it has NOTHING to do with the fore mentioned reunion and please, dears ones, do not go spreading it around that such a room even exists…) Now there are many and varying opinions regarding guest rooms. Splendor’s father for instance is steadfast against such things as well as sofas, chairs and coat racks or anything else that might make a visitor too comfortable and over stay their welcome. On the other hand some of our friends think nothing of entire tribes of people staying with them at one time. Guests become all stacked up like bales of hay in various states of undress mingling like a pagan orgy or interpretive dance troupe…When the cornflakes and vodka finally run out it is only a matter of time before they starting cannibalizing each other (and not in the GOOD way...)

Now the guest room that we managed to hobble on rather short notice is a good starting point for more elaborate things to come. It now contains a velvet swathed bed in shades of lapis, plum and black and a collection of vampy leather pillows encrusted with cryptic symbols. A shimming drapery studded with bits of mirror dangles from an antique carved cornice depicting a scene whose meaning has been long lost to antiquity. In the corner stands a Fortuny inspired floor lamp keeping company with a rather naughty parlor chair. Naughty, you ask? It must be seen to be believed…

While this is a good start our DREAM guest room would be drenched in sanguineous, bloody red and would rather resemble a Victorian Dungeon in a very bad part of town…Gathered here for your enjoyment are a few of our favorite inspirations…whether you dream of crimson, burgundy or vermillion these visions should certainly get the blood flowing…

Wretched! Loved by our hate!
Weeping to a light finally failed
Fall upon our spearsAnd give praise
We reward faith with Sanguine blessings
Consent to kneel
And find a winged king!
(“Condemned To Glory” by Averse Sefira)
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