Friday, November 6, 2009

Art Department Part I

Now seriously folks, we have a Rembrandt hanging right next to a gigantic Brueghel (the elder, no less) along with an assortment of dark and dreary 17th century Dutch florals adorning our front parlor. And no, we have not won the lottery or have been caught drinking too much absinthe again… (although our garbage disposal…er, excuse us, our    “IN-SINK-ERATOR” as it demands to be called is starting to sound like the Beherit album “The Oath of Black Blood”…) But that is a problem for another day…No, our parlor is full of vintage reproductions. This is due to various factors including budget, questionable good taste and a perverse design aesthetic. Do not get us wrong, they are truly quite lovely clad in their crumbly gilded frames and the fact that they are grimy and smoke damaged only adds to their old world charm. And they look quiet authentic if viewed by candlelight and slightly inebriated…and in denial of reality…

Now if things were as they should be and we could pillage the museums of the world at will, our walls would be drenched in the finest of art. A great shrine to the beauty and mystery great art evokes. Now to avoid the consequence of a Thomas Crown Affair style incident here at Chintz of Darkness (we simply do not have the time…) we must appreciate our beloved artists from afar. This has perhaps been our excuse to begin to fill our studio with our own works. We personally draw much inspiration from the darker paths of art, especially works that transcend modern culture and instead focus aspects of mythology and the occult that still touch our everyday lives. We continue to work on our series of infernal beasts for Seraph’s Blood Etching project. Recently completed is the upper helm to our Beloved Prince sculpture. More to come on that soon…

The foreground to this post is the haunting and otherworldly paintings of Jørgen Boberg that were featured in Avant Garde magazine in May 1970. These works by the self taught Danish artist are truly remarkable. The series of images portray the enigmatic Teresa (perhaps inspired by wicked version of Teresa of Avila, a 16th century mystic.) The paintings are both sensual and disorientating, ethereal landscapes under skies of dread. Foreboding and mystery abound. Teresa is depicted as if her very body and soul have been dissected for a lavish and disturbing look into her being. Within her we see her dreams and nightmares intermingle with concepts of death and rebirth…Take a moment to contemplate these works if you will, dear readers…

Jørgen Boberg

Impersonal Whirling Cynical Hate
Abrupt Irritation Morphed (into) Anger
Pounding Exploding Ravishing Grimness
Genes Drenched in Ferocious Wrath

Chronic Deviant Mood Reactions
Vindictive Instincts greeted with Glee
Completely Born and Built to Loathe
A Dreary Hell's in Store of Me

(“Ravishing Grimness” by Darkthrone)


jasonwclark said...

Masterworks! A most excellent Boberg post

I like all the dread helms and dark masks I've seen here so far. Completely intrigued by anything etched and sanguinary. Look forward to seeing your bolgia bestiary.

Seraph + Splendor said...

Thank you for the kind words - more pictures of our current work will be up soon.

Jill said...

I look my best when viewed by candlelight and slightly inebriated!

Interesting art...I must say the first image is my favorite.

carla fox said...

Interesting....I'm not sure if this artist has a labial fixation, or is just really, really into spaghetti! Thanks for sharing.

Seraph + Splendor said...

...indeed, just wait until we do a Felicien Rops post...yikes!


I am a FIRM believer that there isn't a damn thing that a crumbly old gilded frame, candlelight and a grimy patina can't fix.

Can't wait to see the infernal beasts, by the way.



Seraph + Splendor said...

We are glad that you understand...a life without candlelight and grime is unimaginable...

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