Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Blaze in the Northern Sky

We hope that everyone enjoyed the Solstice and the Longest Night… we think our night might have actually stretched into the following day once the festivities came to an official close… It seems there is another holiday taking place this month that we vaguely remember from childhood…hmmm…what could it be? Oh, yeah “CHRISTMAS” – the holiday were one can ponder the deep philosophical and religious questions such as: “Where is all of this freaking glitter coming from?” and “Tree SKIRT??? What if our tree is a tomboy and wants to wear pants…” (Yes, we already know we are going to burn in Hell, so no one needs to write and inform us of that…)

Although we like to tell everyone we fell to earth in a hail of sparks and brimstone with singed wings and scorched halos, we actually grew up “fairly normal” with parents, pets and the proverbial family holidays… As adults we are now able to misinterpret all of the major celebrations to fit our devious plans or opt out all together (ST. PATRICK’S DAY? WTF???), but as children this simply was not a choice…Luckily we both have fond memories of this time of year.

Seraph grew up in a sleek mid century home complete with two ovens, two fireplaces and of course a two car garage. Rather predictably he had two siblings (an older brother and sister) as well. When looking through the family pictures one sees bright and joyous family celebrations with the living room awash in the sea of presents and packages. The tree was always placed in front of the large picture windows with the scenic backdrop of Lake Washington and brooding Mt. Rainier. Perhaps there are rumors and murmurings of how Seraph liked to break glass ornaments in the furnace grates, but as far as we know nothing can be proven and any evidence has long since been incinerated…HA! As for Seraph’s toys and gifts, photographs seem to verify that they usually ending up in some very odd and surreal vignettes (you simply have NO IDEA, dear readers…)

Splendor’s holidays were spent in a series of quirky and usual dwellings including a disheveled Victorian manor, some island retreats (as in retreat from society and become a juvenile delinquent…HA!) and several suburban sanctuaries. Regardless of the “residence de jour” Splendor’s family spent nearly every Christmas Day at her Grandparent’s house. Their Christmas tree was always shrouded in an air of mystery. It was spooky and beautiful at the same time, sitting quietly alone in the corner of the living room. The ornaments and decorations (including a faux mantel with a gaping hole leading to nowhere...) dwelled upstairs in the attic. One had to ascend a steep and narrow staircase to a nearly invisible door (that we insist had no doorknob, but a strange handle that was always cold to the touch…) Behind the door was an odd little room that led to an adjoining crawl space with exposed wires, creaky rafters and a meager light never entirely illuminated the farthest corners. The ornaments themselves were kept in rickety wooden crates and wrapped in yellowing tissue and ancient newspaper. There was always the risk of spiders, mice and if you were truly lucky a haunting by one of the resident ghosts…we kid you not. The ornaments ranged from fragile and dusty Victorian relics to the grandchildren’s strange creations (it’s amazing no one grew to be a serial killer or deranged hermit…guess there is still time…?)


Seraph + Splendor as cherubs (weren't we sharp dressers...yikes...)

Included in this post are the fabulous illustration by Etienne Delessert from the book “A Wart Snake in a Fig Tree”, along with some vintage family cards and a few pictures of our own decorations…

We wish you a Happy New Year full of wicked and wonderful things…

Hear a Haunting Chant
Lying in the Northern wind
As the Sky turns Black
Clouds of Melancholy
Rape the Beams
of a Devoid Dying Sun
and the Distant Fog approaches

(“A Blaze in the Northern Sky” by Darkthrone)


Jill said...

"What if our tree is a tomboy and wants to wear pants…", best sentence I've read all day!

Merry Christmas S + S!!

Porcelains and Peacocks said...

Thank you for your pagan postings. This one reminds me of Scottish George MacDonald"s fairy tale The Day Boy and The Night Girl. Or perhaps yours would be The Night Boy and The Night Girl.

jasonwclark said...

io Saturnalia!

Seraph + Splendor said...

We both have more than a bit of Scottish blood in our veins and just love George MacDonald's stories (The Golden Key is a favorite...)

carla fox said...

What adorable little cherubs you were. Seraph, is that red hair in your photo? Who knew?
And Splendor, no one, and I mean NO ONE can rock plaid pants like you can!
I say, another delightful post! Oh, and I have more than a little Scottish blood on both sides, too...

Seraph + Splendor said...

...the red hair is a trick of light and shadow, or perhaps just his infernal glow...HA! (Actually there are some auburn highlights thanks to his Grandmother...)

Those plaid pants are TRULY EVIL and not in a good way...

thombeau said...

What a great post!

Seraph + Splendor said...

Thanks! We are truly enjoying our visits to Chateau Thombeau!

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