Monday, June 21, 2010

Chintz of Darkness Turns Two!

We are pleased to announce that Chintz of Darkness has officially turned two years old today. Now as a child a second birthday is a momentous occasion where you can smear frosting all over your face and throw your patent leather dress shoes in the garden and NOT EVEN GET PUNISHED FOR IT! As an adult it is a day were you can lie around in bed all day, drinking absinthe and…oh, never mind… needless to say there was still patent leather involved… (It MIGHT even be said that there was a little TOO MUCH celebrating this weekend resulting in several strategically placed bruises and a mild hangover…hmmm.)

An enormous THANK YOU goes out to all of our wicked and wonderful readers that have made this blog what it is. We appreciate all of your comments and contributions and it has been great getting to know each and every one of you. Again, thanks for putting up with all of our gibberish about the comings and goings here at our Obsidian Hall…we truly enjoy sharing them with you!

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all of the haters, detractors and assorted interlopers that lurk around the outskirts of Chintz of Darkness. Although many of you cannot even admit that you EVEN READ THIS BLOG, we have nevertheless caught you peaking though our windows and rooting through our trash. HA!

As we move on to our third year what better way to celebrate the TERRIBLE TWOS than to introduce our Seraph + Splendor: The Early Years pages. You are cordially invited, dear readers, to have a hearty laugh at our expense! (If you look closely you might even find the infamous picture of Seraph dressed as Elton John or Splendor in her dreaded ballet costume) Click here if you dare…

Expectorate me into infinity,
I thirst for the obsidian venom,
Of the boundless sea of space

("Baphomet" by Dark Fortress)


Anonymous said...

Seraph*Splendor - I am terribly sorry that I missed your birthday - so a belated "hail" to you and your "gibberish" which gave me ALWAYS at least a good giggle if not outburst laughter about your infamities (you see the word - I just invented it) and well placed beastliness.
The more - I look forward to your next!!!
A foul smelling greeting to you both - :) from Sodom and Gomorrha...

Seraph + Splendor said...

Infernal hails to you, too wicked lady! Thanks for all of your support - we always love to hear from you!

Miss Bigudíes said...

Happy birthday Chinzts.
Yur blog is a work of art. Absolutely amazing...
Greetings from Madrid!

Stéphane Malingue said... love your strange and amazing site,so strong ...Stéphane of you like mine, share it or leave a comment...or be follower)

Seraph + Splendor said...

Thanks everyone for the great comments. Chintz of Darkness would not be the same without you, dear readers!

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