Sunday, October 31, 2010

Black Baroque Luxuries

Wicked Halloween greetings, dear readers! While most of you are likely to be still dancing under the stars, stalking through a cemetery or involved in other assorted acts of mischief and mayhem, we wanted to let you know that our wicked new shop has opened its doors…please stop by for a visit, we hope something catches your eye! Enter the door here…

Also, we have prepared for you a full update of our recent mishaps and misadventures…coming soon!

This ritual object, resplendent in amber, russet and gold, was conjured from many oddities scattered throughout our Obsidian Halls. First an unusual spindly brass base, mirror like yet clouded in mystery, next a gilded plaque of dubious function and lastly a small skull dripping in sentience…

A three dimensional collage of vintage jewelry, silk and organdy form an intricate armor crowned with an eight pointed star. Glittering obsidian eyes, unusually lifelike, glisten with silver diamond tears. The perfect companion or familiar, this oracle conveys a silent wisdom to those who are willing to observe her haunting stare…

A regal Sky Crown worn by the Queen of Night, consort to mighty Orion Lord of the Hunt… Encrusted with silver tears, tarnished tinsel and shards of starlight, this exquisite pillow illuminates the obsidian sky…

An extensive array of vintage jewelry, crystals and mirror pieces were used in the conjuring of this cushion. Sparkling darkly through a haze of black mesh, the central medallion was formed of many things… The first, a vintage star brooch resting upon a briar of crystal and a mirror of ice. Next, a pair of filigree constellations dangling silvery diamond strands. Lastly a heavy frame of bronze nail head encloses the entire collage upon a midnight velvet ground.

Further embellishments include a lovely set of 7” crystal spears (in another life, the glittering facets of an antique chandelier.) These spears drip from the upper corners, and chime at the slightest movement, as the lower crystal facets appear as pools of tears reflecting the night…Shall this majestic cushion be yours?

Oracle of the Horned Star (top)
Seraph + Splendor © 2010

Queen of Orion Cushion (bottom)
Seraph + Splendor © 2010

Halloween is the night
The legend says the ghost will rise
On Halloween they can't redeem
A restless soul from ancient scene
At the sound of the demon bell

(“At the Sound of the Demon Bell” by Mercyful Fate)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Postcard from Hell...

Now, dear readers, everybody already knows that Seraph + Splendor have (on occasion) wandered off to parts unknown to attend to some strange collection of calamities that have befallen our lives. Instead of trying to excuse our hellish hiatus in clear and concise English we will instead rely on a series of cryptic messages hidden in bottles, smoke signals and an odd (but highly lethal) form of ESP that requires one to wear a sun bonnet made out of aluminum foil to explain our recent whereabouts….HA! So if you have been feeling a bit dizzy or light headed as of late, we apologize profusely… 

In all seriousness (hee…) over the last several months we have locked ourselves away in a dim and murky wing of our Obsidian Hall known simply as THE STUDIO. If one knows where to look one might find a room full of stacks of velvet and caskets of trims as well as wisps of shadows and shards of glass. There are cabinets bursting with butterfly wings and tables heaped with skulls. Needles and pins litter the floor and the rasp of rusty scissors accompanies the sound of strange machinery well into the night. Indeed we have been hard at work preparing many strange and wondrous things for you… a new collection of cruel cushions, forbidden fruits and objects of oddity to delight the scenes and frighten away ghosts. Our new online shop will open its doors soon…hope to see you there!

Skeleton Key Cushion (above)
© Seraph + Splendor 2010

Lucifer’s Gilded Glove (top of post)
© Seraph + Splendor 2010
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