Monday, March 3, 2014

Gilding the Willy Part IV: Deluxe Addition

Those dutifully following along at home will readily realize that we usually feature scantily clad and rather randy furnishings in this segment BUT there is a perfectly plausible explanation for this gap in protocol. The G.A.S.P. Department here at Chintz of Darkness (that is the division that oversees “Gentlemen Attired in Sparkly Paint” for those who overlooked the memo) has been busy as of late. It would appear that while dusting off our design books and refreshing our filing cabinets, a rather naughty calendar from the late 90's was unearthed... (apparently we WERE partying like it was 1999.) Perhaps the calendar in question was actually found between our mattress or perhaps not... NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW... 


(Photographs by Richard de Chazal)

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